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Know When to Faux!

As the saying goes, fake it to make it, it could not be any closer to the truth when it comes to leather and fur this season.

Yes, real leather and fur are great investment pieces that feel amazing and will never date, but how heart breaking is it when someone bumps their cigarette directly onto your favourite leather skirt? Or when some drunk girl who is struggling to walk in her stilettos pours a coloured drink on that $500 fur vest you just splurged on? As hard as you may try to look after your beautiful clothing and maintain it’s quality, no one else really gives two hoots. So, if you are planning on wearing your real pieces out to a bar or a club, just don’t. Opt for some faux (pronounced foe, you know, incase you were pronouncing it fos) instead. You’ll save hundreds of $$$ and you will not be so paranoid of that ethnic girl with a cigarette in her hand, who uses her hands to speak (because let’s face it, we use hand actions more than words).

In saying that, if you are more than happy and able to pay for the real stuff, then do it! As I said, they are great pieces to invest in and the quality is on a whole other level. If you are daring enough to wear your reals out, just be super careful of the people around you! 😉

Last night, I went total faux. Faux fur on faux leather on faux leather. Lost me? Thought so. Basically, wore a black fur vest over a black leather tee, teamed with black leather shorts. I know, it was a lot of black so I added a thick chained name plate necklace in silver to break the black a little. Finished off the look with little black booties, a black and gold studded clutch and rose gold jewellery. Before you judge me, I always mix my jewellery colours up. I mean, why not?

Too much black? Go for a bright lip or even choose a brown or white fur vest. Get creative, experiment with accessories and never be afraid to try something new! 😀

Love x

(No animals were harmed for this outfit, ha!)

Vest: Sportsgirl
Top: Sportsgirl
Shorts: General Pants Co.
Necklace: Sportsgirl


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