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Make Matte Your Mate

You can tell a lot about a woman by her hands. For instance, if they are placed around your throat she’s probably slightly upset..

On a serious note, you really can tell a lot about a woman by her hands, nails in particular! Come on ladies, you have to agree that we tend to paint our nails to match our moods and/or the season. Some of you wait until your polish has been chipped away or grown out before you paint them again. Some of you change your colour once a month, or when you visit your talented little Asian lady for your infills. Then there are some of you (like me) who after a week feel as though you need a new colour because you are sick of seeing the same colour on your hands for 7 days straight.

For those of you who know me, you would know that when it comes to nails (especially my nails) one colour is just too boring! I love having something different on my nails all the time, and I never really repeat the same pattern and colours (kind of like an outfit, ha).

At the moment, matte nail polish is a massive trend. Even Kim Kardashian has been spotted wearing it in black. I tried it out a couple of months ago and absolutely loved it! At first, it just feels like you have forgotten to put a top coat over your colour, but then you just get used to it.

I decided to team it up with some white polish and black crackle. The outcome? Well, I love it!! It’s a little edgy but not too OTT! See for yourself.. 😉

Please excuse the polish on the skin, things got a little messy!




Matte black: Sportsgirl
Black crackle: Australis
White: Sportsgirl

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