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Bridal Shoot at Peppers Manor – Collab

On Sunday, I teamed up with the Illawarra’s most talented creatives to shoot a beyond exquisite bridal gown at Peppers Manor House in Sutton Forest – If you haven’t already visited this place, I really recommend that you do!

With the help of an epic team and a babein’ model, we captured some amazing shots in great time! We had a few hours of daylight up our sleeves and our photographer, Daniel Cartwright from No Limit Pictures tempted us into a random shoot out in a pine forest, about 40 minutes from our venue.

Chasing the sun (literally), we arrived at the perfect spot in Penrose Pine Forest to capture some pretty amazing images. Mind you, we only had backup props / outfits and the clothes on our backs with us – which, mind you came in very handy! Wondering how it all worked out? Well, minus a few cheeky leaches, it was a success! Here, I’ll prove it..

To view the images from the day, click here and don’t forget to let me know what you think! All credit links can be found in the above link too!


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