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True Comfort Begins With Great Skin

Over the past two weeks, I have adopted a new skincare routine using the Elizabeth Arden Pro range. My routine involved using the Gentle Facial Cleanser both morning and night, the Perfection Facial Serum at night, and lastly the Triple Action Protector during the day as it is a tinted moisturiser. 


It really has taken me a good 7-14 days to really see these products work. I did notice a great improvement within the first week, I had clearer skin and didn’t feel the need to wear as much makeup. With that said, by using these products I have eliminated my foundation during the day and only wear the tinted moisturiser with pressed powder. The tinted moisturiser also has SPF15+ which will be perfect come summer!

The Gentle Facial Cleanser leaves my skin feeling so soft and fresh, I honestly can’t imagine not using it anymore! 

The Perfection Facial Serum leaves my face tingling (just a little) while it works on keeping my skin clear while I sleep. Honestly, this stuff is MAGIC!!! 

Overall, SO happy with all three of these products. Definitely recommend to try if you want clearer skin, feel like your skin needs a change or you’re struggling to find something that works for you. Of course, speak to your beautician to see if they recommend this for you first. 

For those who are in the Wollongong area, contact Rebecca Croak at Essential MediSpa and Beauty to find out more info. Thank you, Bec for introducing me to these three beauties! 


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