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All is Right in Black and White!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a little head-over-heels in love with the monochrome trend. I’ve noticed that most days I will un-intentionally dress myself in black and white, and I’m okay with that. It’s such a classic trend and it really is here to stay for a while, so you may as well get used to it.

Recently, I was online shopping for something new to wear for my birthday when I came across the most amazing black and white striped skirt from ‘by johnny’! It was so perfect that I had to have it in my life, so I ordered it! Not only did it arrive within 2 business days, but it was the perfect fit! To put it simply, we all need to have this skirt in our wardrobe this winter, it’s just stunning!!

I wore the skirt for my birthday and teamed it with a black tee and black wedge booties. I kept jewellery to a minimum as I wanted the skirt to be the main focus.
Tip: When wearing black and white, you don’t need to wear much jewellery as these colours create a big impact anyway. If you want to wear jewellery, silver is always a great option!

I decided that I wanted to visit my beautiful and talented makeup artist friend, Loretta, to pamper me and make me feel beautiful! We decided to go with a really bold and daring lip, so we chose a dark purple colour. Loretta gave me a soft pink shimmery eye which looked great with the dark lip! Absolutely loved it! If you don’t feel brave enough to go too dark in the lip, opt for a pink, red or wine coloured lipstick to complete your look.

I loved this whole look so much, I wish I could outfit repeat this every weekend! I will definitely be wearing the skirt again very soon, and re-visiting the by johnny website to stock up on some other beautiful pieces that are on there! In LOVE with everything!!!

Have you tried the monochrome trend? I would love to see some pictures, or you could write a comment with your outfit details! Contact me via my Facebook page here!


Skirt: The Fall Stripe Jagger Mini in Black Ivory – by johnny.

Top: Short Sleeve Tee in Black – Sportsgirl

Lipstick: Lip pencil in Nightmoth and lipstick in Cyber over the top – both MAC

Makeup Artist: Make Up By Loretta




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